About the E-Shredder Skateboard:

Faster than the rest! The Antidote E-Skate is a longboard that outperforms all other longboards!


Perfect for local transportation, cruising the beach, or just to have more fun than you have had in a while!



With 2 of our 750W Brushless Motors in each one of the rear wheels, this Shredder hits a top speed of 30mph and will run for about 18 miles.


This board has enough torque to get you up a 30% grade and enough speed to scare most!


The E-Shredder is designed with 4 modes: Low, Medium, High, and Pro.


The board is 36.5 inches long and only weighs 16lbs. It can hold up to 500lbs max weight but we do not recommend over 300lbs.


The battery takes about 1.5 for a full charge to get you back on the road! 


We do not recommended this product for anyone under the age of 18.


Whats Included:

- E-Shredder Skateboard and charger

- 1 Remote with charger

- 1 Replacement Grip Tape

- 2 Rear Replacement Wheels

E-Shredder Skateboard