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Roof Rack and Truck Rack FAQs



Will my car work with the Antidote Universal Cross Bars?

Because of so many different models and makes of vehicles, the best way to make sure your vehicle is a good fit for our crossbars is to email us your car make, model, and year. We can inform you if we believe your vehicle will be a good fit. Our representatives will let you know if you will need longer cross bars or brackets for the best fitment.

How much dynamic (moving) weight can the Universal Crossbars hold?

Once the Crossbars are securely and properly mounted, the clamp-on and bolt-in racks are rated to 150lbs and the universal bare-roof clip-on crossbars are rated at 100lbs dynamic weight load. Static weight can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Are the Truck Bed Ladder Racks really considered Heavy Duty?

Yes, these racks are no joke. Once properly installed, it acts as a unibody structure that is very rigid and built from very durable powder-coated aluminum. Off-road rated at 275lbs, on-road rated at 450 and rated for 800lbs static weight. That is a whole lot of gear!

Did we miss something? Send us an email or phone call and we would be happy to assist you!

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