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Paddleboard FAQs

In order to paddle with confidence we compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Paddleboard FAQs

What are Antidote Boards made of?

Creating the best boards on the market, Antidote found the best fiberglass to be from France and epoxy from Italy. These mixtures are the lightest weight and most buoyant for maximum ride-ability.

Do boards come with accessories?

The retail price for boards includes:
- Adjustable Paddle
- 3 FCS Fins
- Leash
- Screwdriver kit
Other accessories do not come with the package, any deals made by a vendor is in the hands of the vendor.

What is the proper care for my paddleboard?

1. Always rinse off your board, fins, leash and paddle with fresh water after every use.
2. Just like anything made of fiberglass, reduce sun and heat exposure, especially when storing. Fiberglass and UV rays are not friends. Using your board in the water on a hot summer day will not damage it, only storing it in hot temperatures for any extended period of time.
3. If you do ding, crack, and hit your board hard enough to break through the surface, DO NOT RIDE IT. Water leaking in your board will waterlog your board, increasing its weight and decreasing its buoyancy. Give us a call and we will recommend the best approach for your situation.
4. Never stand on the board unless the fins are completely submerged underwater. Fin box repairs are not easy fixes like a ding or dent might be.

What is the warranty policy?

Bringing you the most innovative paddle boards on the market we do our best to resolve any issue you may have with the board. We pride ourselves in our customer service and always do right by our customers. We hope that there are no issues with any paddle board that leaves our locations, but if an issue does occur make sure you are protected by purchasing our warranty plan.

What's up with the Tiki?

The Antidote Tiki logo is the Hawaiian God of the Ocean. He is holding the beaker with the ocean inside. Mother nature heals all! Go paddle boarding and let the ride be your cure. Join forces with the Tiki God and let mother nature do its thing.

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