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Rooftop Tent FAQs

Thinking about buying a RTT? Whether this is your first, or your fourth, we answered a few customer questions to further support you.

Rooftop Tent FAQs

-Is there a warranty?

Antidote Outdoors: 30-day Warranty

Antidote Outdoors’ Guarantee:
We ensure the selection of products manufactured by Antidote Outdoors is not only of the highest quality but also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies, and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

With the Antidote Guarantee, Antidote will warranty any Antidote Outdoors branded tents and their accessories during the specified time frame of its listed warranty period. This warranty is forfeited if the product’s original owner fails to present these Terms of Warranty and the original receipt when requesting services for repair from Antidote Outdoors, under the terms provided herein.

Subjected to the limits and exclusions within this warranty, Antidote will restore defective materials or workmanship by making the needed repairs within 45 days of arriving at the workshop in Southern California, free of labor and parts. If it is not possible to cure the defects covered by this warranty, Antidote Outdoors will either replace the product, return a full refund of the original purchase price, or exchange for credit towards any Antidote Outdoor tent of equal or lesser value.

Under no circumstance does this Antidote Outdoors warranty cover any damage to non-Antidote Outdoors products used in conjunction with Antidote Outdoors’ products.

This warranty does not cover defects caused by normal wear and tear, abrasions, mishaps, modifications, or the modification(s) itself, or any damages or defect caused by the purchaser or any third party in an attempt to fix a defect.

This warranty is voided if defects are caused by conditions beyond the control of Antidote Outdoor, including but not limited to, improper use and/or assembly, overloading beyond the recommended capacity, negligence to adhere to guidelines made available to the purchaser.
In the event that a product is defective, the purchaser must contact and return the product with the original proof of purchase to the Antidote Outdoors headquarters in Southern California, or submit to costs of shipping and handling, within the specified warranty period. If Antidote Outdoors is unavailable to fix the purchased product, the original purchaser should use this warranty form.

In the event that a product needs to be returned due to unsolvable defects, an Antidote Outdoor representative will provide any additional mailing instructions to the original purchaser. The original purchaser must be responsible for mailing or delivering the item(s) to Antidote Outdoors as well as provide proof of purchase in the form of an invoice or receipt. The purchaser must provide a detailed statement of the defect and how it came about before returning items for a warranty claim.

Note that this warranty does not cover damages or defects caused through shipping and/or delivery of the product to Antidote Outdoors.

Disclaimer of Liability: Only the original purchaser has exclusivity of the issuance of a refund, exchange, repair, or replacement (as determined by Antidote Outdoors) under this warranty. Any damage to a purchaser’s property or any others’ property is excluded from this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage done by inebriated users or those unfit to use Antidote Outdoor’s items properly and as intended.

Antidote Outdoors’ sole liability to any original purchaser is limited to the remedy previously set forth as stated above. Antidote Outdoors is not responsible for a loss in profits, sales, or any consequential, direct or indirect, exemplary, incidental, or punitive damages that were not clearly caused by a defective item. If damages are clearly made by a defective product, it must be proven that the defect was new at the time of the incident and the user(s) had inadequate time to have it repaired or replaced.

This warranty gives you specific rights. You may also have other rights which vary based on country or state.

The warranty’s lifetime starts at the time of purchase from an original Antidote Outdoors dealer.

-What is the return Policy?

Antidote Outdoors will allow you to return your tent under certain circumstances. These circumstances are as follows but not limited to:

Whether you purchased in store or opted for delivery, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to get the tent back into the Antidote Outdoors headquarters safely and in new condition. If the tent was delivered to your location and you are unable to drop it off to the warehouse in Orange County, CA an Antidote representative may be able to pick up the tent for a delivery fee of $100-$250 each way. Once the tent has arrived into the warehouse, Antidote will promptly examine the item and all its components within 7-10 days. Your rooftop tent must be unused and brand new with all of its original packaging, hardware, and accessories. Any alterations will void the purchaser’s warranty and disqualify a refund of any amount. If the returned items are accepted in its condition, a restocking fee of 30% will incur and if a credit or debit card was used, a transaction fee of 3% will also be applied. If the item is not in its brand new condition, Antidote Outdoors reserves the right to reduce the refund amount in accordance to any extent of damage, wear & tear, and usage of the item. If the condition of the item is deemed as unmerchantable, no refund may be given and you will be responsible for picking up your tent during business hours or pay a fee for delivery. Once notified, you will have 30 days to pick up your item or pay for delivery, otherwise Antidote Outdoors reserves the right to reclaim ownership of the item.

If you are having issues, do not get discouraged, things happen. Send us an email or give us a call or text and we will do our best to support any issues you may be facing regarding any of our products. We have big hearts and small business support that most companies lack. Seriously, give us a call, we will work with you to alleviate any issues the best we can.

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