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SUP Fleet Service - Fully Stocked, Fully Stoked. Happy Customers = $$$ for you

Are you a fellow hard-working entrepreneur who rents or sells paddleboards? We want to be your next SUP partner! Great deals for great boards create all-around great times! Your customers will want to come back for more. Talk about a win-win!

With our experience, big boards are best for rental fleets. This is simply because a big board is easier to ride, more buoyant, and can float larger humans. We have all seen it before, someone flat water riding a paddleboard that is way too small for them. Worse yet, a cruddy salesman who says a 10ft6 will float 300lbs no problem, but come to realize that it is way too difficult to ride. This has created a negative stereotype for paddleboarding. SUP riders do not have to be "skinny" or "athletic" to paddleboard. All you need is the right board for you.

At Antidote, we hear the people, because we are here for the people. We have boards for SUP surfing or for younger and lighter riders up to 125lbs flat water, the Big Bamboo board that easily rides a 300lb human, and even the 4x4 Extreme Catamaran that can hold up to 700lbs on the water! Which is also great for multiple riders like couples or small families.

Dog Friendly? You should be! Cause with the one and only dog-designated paddleboard you customers can actually bring their puppy! Talk about a great time! This 11'6 by 34" board is designed around a human and his or her best friend.

Having an array of different boards capable of pleasing an array of different customers will surely increase your customer retention rate. Ask an associate how to get the wholesale brochure for your next fleet or click here to sign up on our website.


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