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Introducing the epitome of elegance, the Cruisin' Paddle Board combines timeless aesthetics with real bamboo construction, offering a harmonious blend of lightweight maneuverability and robust durability.

Crafted as a versatile all-around board, the Cruisin' features a rounded nose rocker tailored for serene waters like bays, lakes, and rivers, while also excelling in more turbulent conditions.

Its tail boasts a subtle double concave design complemented by a standard 3-piece FCS fin system, ensuring stability and control. Enhanced with an 8-piece deck mat, 2 vent plugs, an upgraded butterfly handle, and an integrated bungee system, the Cruisin' epitomizes convenience and functionality.

Included with the board are 3 FCS fins (1 large, 2 small), a standard paddle, and a coil leash to complete your paddling experience.

In terms of sizing, all Cruisin' boards measure 33" wide and 4.5" thick. Choose from the following options:

  • 10ft6in: Weighing 22lbs, with a volume of 200L, and a weight capacity of 200lbs.
  • 11ft: Weighing 24lbs, with a volume of 230L, and a weight capacity of 260lbs.
  • 11ft6in: Weighing 26lbs, with a volume of 275L, and a weight capacity of 300lbs.

Please note that weight capacity recommendations are contingent upon water conditions and the specific activity undertaken.

For assistance with selecting the appropriate size, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll gladly assist you in making the perfect choice for your needs.


Cruisin' Paddle Board

  • Bringing you the most innovative paddle boards on the market we do our best to resolve any issue you may have with the board. We pride ourselves in our customer service and always do right by our customers. We hope that there are no issues with any paddle board that leaves our locations, but if an issue does occur make sure you are protected by purchasing our warranty plan. 

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