About The Cruisin' Paddle Board:

Elegance at its finest, the Cruisin' board is made with real bamboo that's not just for aesthetics but provides the perfect balance of lightweight and strength.

Being a true all-around board, the Cruisin' board was designed with a rounded nose rocker that is perfect for calm water such as bays, lakes, and rivers, but also excellent in choppier conditions.

The tail has a slight double concave with a standard 3-piece FCS fin system. Designed with an 8-piece deck mat, 2 vent plugs, upgraded butterfly handle, and built-in bungee system.


What's Included:

- Cruisin Paddle Board

- 3 FCS Fins (1-Large 2- Small)

- Standard paddle

- Standard coil leash



All of the Cruisin' boards are 33" wide and 4.5" thick

10ft6in - board weight of 22lbs, volume of 200L, weight capacity of 200lbs

11ft -  board weight of 24lbs, volume of 230L, weight capacity of 260lbs

11ft6in - board weight of 26lbs, volume of 275L, weight capacity of 300lbs


Weight capacity is the maximum recommended weight load on the board.  This also depends on the water conditions and activity being done.


Need help with sizing? Just send us a message and we would be happy to help.


Cruisin' Paddle Board