About the Studio Lightweight Roof Top Tent


If you're an explorer who loves simplicity this compact tent is for you. The days of camping on the floor with the bugs and dirt are over. Now you can camp above it all.  




- Lightweight Telescoping Ladder
- Comfortable Low Profile Mattress
- Solar Powered Rechargable Interior Light
- Mounting Hardware with Spacers/Cushions


The Studio lightweight rooftop tent uses a special imported Oxford canvas from Austrailia that is used for camping in extreme conditions secured on top of a dual-layered aerospace grade aluminum base.


Do not waste your time using an over complicated tent, this one is easy to use and works on pretty much any and every car and truck. For use on a car you must have a roof rack system or bed rack system to mount it to.





Closed : 76in L x 50 in W x 6in H

Open   : 72in L x 48 in W x 42in H


Studio RTT (Roof Top Tent)