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About The Big Bamboo Paddleboard:

Big people need big boards. Buoyancy is everything on the water. Many people make false claims about what their boards can do but we understand that sometimes you need that extra buoyancy on the water. Whether you have the pups, kids, or just by yourself this 11ft6 by 35in by 5.5in Big Bamboo Board is one of the biggest traditional style paddleboards on the market.


It comes fully equipped with a butterfly handle, a good nose rocker, and a slight double concave tail with 3 FCS style fins. This is a great all-around board for lakes, rivers, bays, harbors, and light (non-shore break) surf.


Choose from 3 colors: Red, Blue, or White


Bamboo is on top and bottom making it strong but very lightweight... only 29lbs!


This board is great for rentals or all-around boards since nearly anyone big or small can have a great time on this board.


Fits great in our 11'6 board bags!



11ft6 by 35in by 5.5in

Approximately 315L


Recommended Weight Limit: 315lbs



What's Included:

- Big Boy Paddleboard (red, white, or blue)

- 3 FCS Fins (1 Large and 2 Small)

- Adjustable Paddle

- Coil Ankle Leash

Big Bamboo Paddleboard

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