Jeep It Up!


The Wrangler roof racks is not just 2 basic crossbars but an entire roof rack platform that you can customize and setup for whatever your jeep overlander rig will need. 


No drilling needed! It mounts directly to the gutter rails along the sides of yourJeep!


Wranglers are very limited on internal space, but with this rack you can significantly increase your storage capacity.


The crossbars are T-Slot and U-Bolt accessible for all of your mounting needs. Add a roof tent, cargo box, awning, gas/water cans, etc. The sky is the limit with the versatlity of these racks!


Dinmensions: 63in x 55in 

Recommended Maximum Dynamic Weight Limit: 200lbs

Max Static Weight Limit: 600lbs


We have two different model Jeep Racks available:

'07 to '17 models

'18 to '21 models.

Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack