Finally a board designed to be girly.


with the Aloha Flowers on the top and the hawaii inspired portrait on the bottom its a hard choice to ride this board or hang it on the wall because its soo beautiful. 


This board comes in a 10ft6 by 33in wide and 4.5in thick design that only weighs about 22lbs so its super easy to carry but it also has no problem carrying us because its so bouyant. Its made to be nice and wide so its easy to balance as well.


This is a one of a kind custom designed board. There is literally nothing on the market thats even similiar or even comes close to how nice this rides and looks. Its perfect for bays, harbors, lakes, rivers and because of the light weight, nose rocker, slight double concave on the tail and 3 fin design it is even great for paddle surfing!  

Surfer Chick