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About The Raptor 4x4 (4 Hull Quadrimaran) :

This is the most revolutionary paddle board ever created!


The Raptor is incomparably the most buoyant board on the market. The separation of the front hulls and rear hulls are designed to make it easier to carry, easier to maneuver, and be much faster on the water.


Tested at an extremely high weight capacity on the water it is by far the most stable board on the market today. Weighing at only about 45lbs.


Being the most versatile board on the market the Raptor has plenty of deck space to go fishing or tandem paddling, it even has built-in cupholders and capabilities to add a motor mount. 


Includes deck mat, 2 vent plugs, upgraded butterfly handle, and built-in bungie system.



The Raptor is a flat bottom board with each hull having a thickness of 6 inches with the rest of the board at 3.5in. The length is 12ft and the width is 40in wide. Recomended weight of 450lbs and a max weight capacity 600lbs.


Weight capacity is maximum recommended weight load on the board, depending on the water conditions and activity being done this can vary.



Blue & White

Green & Woodgrain


Whats Included:

- Raptor 4x4 (4 Hull Quadrimaran)

- 2 FCS Fins (2- Large Fins)

- Standard Paddle

- Standard Coil Leash

The Raptor 4x4 (4 Hull Quadrimaran)

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