About the Tiki Shredder:

The sleek and maneuverable Tiki Shredder is a featherweight standup paddleboard that is great for those younger riders or those looking for an ultra-light and surf-able bamboo paddleboard.


Constructed from our high-quality fiberglass, epoxy, and bamboo with our double stringer and eps core. Added with a balanced butterfly handle for easy grabbing and maneuvering out of the water, an 8-piece grip pad, and bungee cord, you can have your cake and eat it too.


With approximately 150L this SUP is designed to be lighter and more maneuverable to get you on the waves with confidence


9'9" x 29" x 4"


Flatwater recommended weight limit is 120lbs
Surfing Recommended weight limit is approximately 180lbs


What's Included:

- Tiki Shredde rPaddle Board

- 3 FCS Fins (1-Large 2- Small)

- Standard Paddle

- Standard Coil Leash

Tiki Shred Paddleboard