About The Heavy Duty Truck Bed Rack:

Increase your truck's functionality! The Antidote Bed Racks are adjustable and universal. Mounts to nearly any truck's bed with a 2 part system. It clips onto the framing but can also bolt into the truck bed as well for maximum security. It adjusts in height, length, and width.



Towers go to a height between 17in to 28in tall 

Adjustable width between 25 and 65in wide

Adjustable length between 45 and 56in long 

(will work on anything from a 4ft bed to 8ft bed)


Max weight capacity

1,000 lbs static

450 lbs dynamic

275 lbs off-road 


Includes towers, crossbars, and tower side beams.

Heavy Duty Truck Bed Racks