About the Universal Cargo Box:

Adventure can take you to many places. Don’t leave your gear behind, take it with you. The Antidote Roof Top Cargo Box is the cure to all your car carrying needs!


Weatherproof against all conditions, this carrier can take your gear, snowboards, tools, clothes, or whatever your antidote requires.


With 2 double action hinges the Antidote Cargo Box opens with ease from both sides and stays open for you to access your gear without having to hold up the lid.


Locks and opens from both sides; this carrier allows you to access your gear from either side of the car with ease.


Functionable and sleek aerodynamic shape allows for less wind resistance and less MPG change than other bulkier cargo boxes.



Available in 2 sizes and a variety of colors such as black, white, grey and red to color coordinate with your vehicle.


Standard Dimension CB1


External                                                   Internal
68 in Length                                                      66.5 In Length

32 in Width                                                        29.5 In Width

15.5in Height                                                    15 In Height

500L of Volume                                                 500L of Volume

17.7 cubic ft                                  &