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Jeep Lovers: Upgrade your Adventure.

Your Jeep is a magnificent vehicle, one of the few that can roll directly off the lot and onto some unpaved trails. It is no wonder the motto is "Go Anywhere, Do Anything"... Although you can get there, your Jeep may not have the capacity to bring all your necessities with you. Lucky for you, we designed a few Antidotes for your Jeep. Behold, the new Jeep Platform Racks in 5ft and 7ft lengths, Jeep Crossbars, and the Jeep Gladiator HD Bed Racks.

With two length options, you can choose the best rack that fits your needs. With the 5ft half-rack you can easily remove your Freedom Panels without having to remove the platform rack. With the full-length 7ft platform you get more support for larger loads. Each crossbar and outer extrusion has T-slots for ultimate versatility. Mount traction boards, jerry cans, shovels, storage boxes, rooftop tents, awnings, and just about anything else you may need.

We know height can be an issue with Jeeps, especially after a few modifications. So we designed the platform racks to be low-profile so that you will only increase your height clearance by a maximum of 3 inches. If the height is not a concern, you can opt-in for the high-clearance brackets for easy accessory mounting. Speaking about accessories, these platform racks are great for our Rooftop Tents and Awnings.

Antidote understands that not everyone is okay with drilling into their Jeep, and honestly, you shouldn't be. By utilizing the Jeep JL gutter drip rails and the Jeep JK rear window brackets, you get an astonishing amount of capability from a fast and easy installation process.

Maybe you like the platform rack but maybe it is just more than you need. Well don't you go anywhere just yet, we still have a cure for that. The Antidote Jeep Crossbars will haul your cargo basket, surfboards, kayaks, snowboards, and much more. Securely locks to your Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator. These aerodynamic crossbars feature T-slots for more versatility.

Or maybe you have a Jeep Gladiator and you need something as strong as the Gladiator itself. Look no further than the HD Bed Racks. Capable of hauling anything you need, to anywhere you go. Holds 1,000lbs of static weight and can easily carry all our overlanding essentials. Just like the platform and crossbars, the HD bed racks also feature T-slots of ultimate versatility.

We know that space is a valuable commodity when traveling, especially when confined to a Jeep. With any of these Jeep accessories you can increase your travel capacity, ultimately allowing you to travel further and longer than before. Send us a message or reach out directly to any of our local distributors for great deals, great products, and great customer service.

Let the Outdoors be your Cure!


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